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Mr. Andreas Mutuku, Ms. Chelagat Kosgei and Ms. Daisy Jemutai (the writer).

Looking back to the 21st of July 2017, the launch of The Bridge magazine at Lutheran Plaza, Nairobi, was successful as many came to note. I was able to view the best of both worlds, from the preparation to its launch for being part of the  planning team. A lot of effort was put into  the preparation which was led by Mr. Socrates Luseka alongside Professor Yuhjin Park to ensure a smooth running. We managed to decorate the room with Korean themed artifacts and paintings and then filled the room  with soothing music . It was fun.


At 5:30 p.m the invited guests began to stream in,  in anticipation for the long awaited launch. There was a wide range of guests. From Korean Studies students ,  Korea-Kenya (KK) frontiers (A group of professionals, most of whom did there their graduate studies in Korea, whose mandate is to advise the Korean Embassy in Kenya on possible areas of economic partnerships), a few journalists, members of staff from the University of Nairobi, friends, to representatives from Korean companies. The event  commenced at 5.45 p.m .  Ms. Bhavisha Patel was to be the MC for the day.

From Left: Dr. Jane Odour, the Guest of Honor Ambassador In-Taek Kim, Ambassador Ngovi Kitau, Mr. Andronicus Sikula (The Research & Political Officer Embassy of the Republic of Korea) and Mr. Stanley Njuguna.

Dr .Jane Oduor, the Coordinator of Korean Studies and Head of Linguistics and Languages department at the University of Nairobi stepped to the podium and gave the opening remarks. The Publisher, Mr. Luseka then took it up  and gave  a speech that gave a glimpse into why he started the magazine and why he titled it ‘The Bridge’. In his own words, the Bridge is a diplomacy magazine  that aims to document relations between Kenya and East Asia.

The event was graced by the Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Kenya, Hon. In-Taek Kim who recognized the  magazine as the first of its kind, foreseeing it as one of the instruments that will strengthen relations between Kenya and Korea, and then East Asia at large. Mr. Antony Mbithi, a representative from the KK  Frontiers and a policy analyst at KIPPRA praised the magazine and expressed their support for future publications.

Ambassador Ngovi Kitau. Just about to unveil the Magazine.

Finally the moment to unveil the magazine came and Ambassador Ngovi Kitau, the former Ambassador of Kenya to the Republic of Korea was called upon to grace the moment. He gave the audience a riveting talk about Korea’s growth phases and what Kenya could learn, praised the start of ‘The Bridge Magazine,’ then eventually unveiled it. The process  was followed by thunderous claps and jubilant hisses.

We then ascended to a  photo ceremony that was directed by the talented photographer Mr. Joshua Nyantika. Later, as a way of appreciating the attendees all were given a free copy of the magazine. They were then  treated to   Korean cuisine; a mix of sugary treats, Korean rice cakes and candies, and a popular Korean delicay called Bibimbop (looks like Sushi ). Refreshments were served as well.

At around 7.00 p.m. all came to an end.

Ms. Virginia Chege – In Charge of Catering.


Article by Daisy Jemutai

Photo Credits: Joshua Nyantika



The Magazine Team

Publisher- Socrates Luseka

Project Director- Professor Yuhjin Park

The Event Organizing Team:

Socrates Luseka (Head), Chelagat Kosgei, Doris Mutungi, Joshua Nyantika, Daisy Jemutai, Bhavisha Patel, Andreas Mutuku and Virginia Chege



323 Haogae-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,463-791, Republic of Korea |

Tel : +82-31-709-8111.

  • Korean Studies Office,

Department of Linguistics and Languages, Education Building (ED 203),

University of Nairobi, P.O.Box 30197 (00100) – Nairobi, KENYA

Tel: +254 20318262 EXT 727


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