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Korean Restaurants in Nairobi- A guide.


Dae Jang Geum, Kilimani.

Sometimes known as the ‘hidden gem’, Dae Jang Geum, located at the intersection of Kilimani road and Ndemi Road, brings you the ultimate Korean experience at a reasonable price. Experience the best spicy fried pork (jeyum bokkeum), bibimpap, bulgogi and great kimchi  that is offered in two flavours – green (less spicy) and red (spicy).

The ambience is homely and just the place for foodies with an itch for good, authentic Korean food.

Sooshi Soo-Goong, Lavington.

This is a food palace with a good mix of Korean and Japanese cuisine. It is located at King’ara road behind Junction Mall, next to Geco carwash. Mostly suitable for groups, Goong (Korean option), is set in an open garden with shelter tents that can be closed for privacy.

Good for couples, families and work meetings, Goong offers excellent food at fair prices. The staff will help you make up an “off the menu” meal for special dietary requirements.

Koreana Chicken Restaurant, Garden City Mall.

It is officially the first restaurant specializing in uniquely seasoned Korean-style chicken in Kenya, located at Garden City mall, Nairobi. This is good news to lovers of crispy, healthy fried chicken. Korean fried chicken uses Asian style deep-frying techniques that take out the fat from the skin.

Enjoy nutritious Korean-style chicken at pocket-friendly prices!

East Seoul Street Food, Village Market.

Pop into ‘East Seoul street food’ at Village Market and take a culinary trip to Korea’s foodie capital.  From snacks to barbecues, variety is the name of the day at East Seoul Street Food.


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