Korean Government and Universities have been promoting international cooperation in education. They do this  by inviting talented international students to Korea for an opportunity to conduct advanced studies at their higher educational institutions basically through scholarship opportunities.

Interested in any of these scholarships?  Have a read.


  1. Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)
  • International applicants who wish to apply for 4-year undergraduate, 2 years for masters and 3 years for PhD.

* Those who wish to study in the programs longer than 4 years – such as medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, and architecture – cannot apply for this scholarship.

Hold a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree by the date of arrival. (Graduate)
※ Applicants who have previously enrolled in a university in Korea are not eligible to apply to the KGSP program. Specifically, an applicant who has previously enrolled in any undergraduate program, master’s program, or doctoral program in Korea cannot apply for this program.

Age of Recipients
  • Under 25years for undergraduate
  • Under 40years for postgraduate studies
  • Full tuition fee: tuition exemption for 8 semesters
  • Living expenses: 800,000 KRW per month (Undergraduate Students)

:900, 000 KRW per month (Graduate Students)

  • Airfare: One economy round trip
  • Korean language training fee: one year
    * Korean language training is mandatory and when the student does not achieve TOPIK grade 3 within a year, she/he is not eligible to enter the degree program.
  • Others: medical insurance, settlement and returning expenses
Application Period
  • September for undergraduate studies.
  • February for postgraduate studies.
Selection Procedure
  • Applicants submit applications for this program to Korean embassies in their countries ⇒ the embassies make the first selection ⇒ the National Institute for International Education make the final selection

2.Scholarships Offered by Universities
a.  Scholarship offered by private universities located in Seoul metropolitan area

  1. Key Requirement: An outstanding GPA record.
  2. Grantees & Benefits:

-Undergraduate students –Covers 30% of tuition (Minimum).

-Graduate Students-   Full tuition fee exemption, or covers 80% of tuition fees

-Graduate Students(Enrolled in the field of International Relations)- Full tuition fee exemption.

  1. Scholarship Offered by private universities not located in Seoul metropolitan area
  2. Undergraduate Students


  • Covers 30 to 70 % of tuition for students with an outstanding GPA record.
  • Full tuition fee exemption for recommended students
    by their professor, researcher or research institutes.

ii.Graduate Students

  • Covers 80% of tuition fee for students with great language skills.
  • Covers 50% of tuition fee for students with an outstanding GPA record.

Side note: The  above mentioned types exemplify many university scholarships. In order to find specific information, please contact the specific university.


  1. Graduate Studies Fellowship Programs

-Korea Foundation

Field of Study: M.A and Ph.D. candidates in Korea-related studies from about 30 countries around the world

 Scholarship duration: 1 year

 Benefits: Tuition fee( grant differ depending on area and country’s tuition fee and price level)

Number of recipients: 150 students a year from all over the world  

Host Institution Contact: Office: +82-2-2046-8562


-Daewoong Foundation Scholarship Program for International Students (Daewoong Foundation)

Target group: International students studying in Korea


1)Students who are fluent in Korean(TOPIK level 4 or above)
2) Students who have excellent understanding of Korean culture
3) Students who have excellent academic achievements

Application Period: March and October

Number of Recipients: 100

Host Institution: Daewoong Foundation-



  1. Scholarship programs offered by corporates


  1. Busan Foundation for International


  1. Samsung Scholarship Foundation-


  1. Pencil Scholarship


  1. Hansaeyes24 Foundation-com





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