Yongsan University Students Visit Kenya

From the 11th of July to the 19th of July a small team of ten Healthcare Management students and two Professors from Yongsan University, Busan visited Kenya for a 7 day summer  educational tour. The tour was organized by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Nairobi. They visited KOICA Kenya offices, the UN Habitat & UNICEF in Gigiri, Nairobi and later the Korean Embassy  and the University of Nairobi. For the first three destinations, they were taken through a series of lectures that touched on projects that these respective organizations were running.

Being there first time in Kenya and Africa so to speak, they could not contain their joy. It was seen in their faces and in all the tasks they laid their hands on. KOICA got them busy with a string of activities. They commenced with the teaching of an elementary school in Kajiado, plunging into the activity with refined alacrity. Next in line was the global civic sharing in Gilgil. Here they committed their time in a KOICA supported project that helps the locals to increase their income through the breeding of chicken. They then found their way to Kiambu, where they participated in teaching Oral hygiene to Primary school students at Oaklands Primary.

For tours, a visit to the Giraffe Conservation center was part. Watching and feeding the giraffes was quite a novelty and a beautiful experience that they had never encountered in their lives. It meant a lot. Their visit to the University of Nairobi created an encounter with Korean Studies students and their lecturer, Prof Yuhjin Park. The fact that the University of Nairobi students could communicate in Korean made the banter a tad bit relaxed. The Yongsan University students felt at home. And at ease. The UoN students then gave them a tour around the university as they conversed on a myriad topics regarding their own countries and cultures. The tour proceeded outside where they strolled across the city streets. They walked into the Nairobi national theatre, the Nairobi Museum, the City Market, and few more areas within the Central Business District.

The trip gave the Korean students a hands-on experience and a rare glimpse into the Kenyan culture. They learnt a lot about the local culture, food and people, and no doubt busted a couple of myths about the country and the African continent at large.


At the end of this 7 day tour, they surely had had a swell time.


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