Places to Visit in Sejong City

The city of Sejong –where my graduate school is located– has a lot to offer. A journey within it is full of wonderful experiences. In addition to outstanding public transportation and wonderful greenery, there are well manicured parks, restaurants, malls, lush residential buildings and a river that peacefully flows through the area. As Korea’s new administrative city, it is home to many government  ministries, governmental agencies, and parastatal organizations.

The proximity of my school to all of the above makes the experience of being a student here worthwhile. It facilitates activity-oriented classwork and dormitory life. The list below delves into some of the must-visit places and restaurants that visitors might want to check out when the “bug” to explore around “bites.”  Here you go.

1.Summit View Café


The cafe has some of the best ice creams, beverages and food in town. The ambience and indoor design are state of the art. It sits adjacent to the roof and so you can go out and get the view of the city while sipping your coffee in peace.

137, Sicheong-daero, 4th floor, Sejong-si.


2.Café Valencia.

This spot is one of a kind. The amount of creativity that went into curating it was immense. On the rooftop, there is this nature-inspired location where one can go and chill. Or take multiple Instagram-worthy photos, especially in the evening. Moreover, there is a library inside so you can pick a book and lose yourself in the beauty of words while basking in the glow that drinking your preferred beverage brings. It is likely  they offer more than just food and beverages, but an actual ‘experience,’ so to speak.

115, Sicheong-daero, 4th floor, Sejong-si

11.30AM – 10.00PM


3.Sejong Lake Park


This is one of the most-visited spaces in the city. On weekends, families, individuals and tourists make their way to this place in large numbers, but not enough for you to miss out on space. Most come for picnics, bicycle rides, corporate gatherings, and what have you. With a huge artificial lake, pleasant walking paths, shelters, cozy playgrounds, and majestic bridges, you have to find time and visit.

155 Hosugongwon-gil, Yeongi-myeon, Sejong-si

05:00 AM-11:00 PM

4.Goehwasan Mountain

The mountain is located right behind KDIS dormitory. It is well positioned for amazing hiking experiences. It is safe and easy to ascend to the top and back.



Riding bicycles is a favorite pastime for local dwellers. The city is endowed with proper bicycle lanes. This makes it easy to move around. In addition to that, there are public bicycles located at different locations and therefore one can borrow when the need arises. The icing to this bicycle-riding cake is in riding along the Geumgang River. The river cuts through the city silently. Well, the peace and calm that this environment gives has made it preferable for cycling enthusiasts.



There are a number of bowling centers in the city that are popular with KDIS students. One is located right near the school. When done with an exam and wanted to blow off some steam, bowling is the real deal.

70, Sodam-ro, 3rd floor, Sejong-si

10:00AM – 03:00 PM

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